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About Us

UnifyAutomation is a company with fresh ideas and quality driven company.  The  firm’s key executives have all worked together before. So it has a strong and well-proven foundation of knowledge and practical experience.

We are a reputable dynamic company and staffed by professionals with hands on experience. The main field of expertise being integrated security systems, home automation, Intercom system, wi-fi solution, networking, web application design and development from concept to final handover, with after sales service.

UnifyAutomation has the necessary expertise to engineer innovative, effective and reliable solutions. Our installation standards and criteria for election of personnel form part of our tightly monitored and controlled quality system.

UnifyAutomation offers only the finest equipment available in carefully integrated systems designed to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs.


Our Vision

Strategic Thinking
Total Customer Satisfaction cannot be delivered without understanding the problem space in its entirety, UnifyAutomation approaches the customer problems with this in mind and through strategic thinking principles, provides solutions by bringing together best-of-breed technologies and the minds to deliver the solution.

Triple Q Philosophy 

  • Quality in Thinking
  •  Quality in Action
  •  Quality in Results

This is our driving philosophy. Providing solutions by putting Quality in all aspects of delivery enables us to provide the highest possible value and total customer satisfaction.

Value Based Business Model

Providing maximum value to everyone involved in our business, Customers, Partners, Employees and Society-at-large, is the foundation of our business model. We constantly strive to provide the best value for everyone who is part of the UnifyAutomation.

Why UnifyAutomation?

Access to Expertise
UnifyAutomation has accumulated considerable expertise in different technologies and business domains. Our experience ranges from security systems, home automation, Intercom system, wi-fi solution, networking, web application design and development.
High-Skilled Team
UnifyAutomation has a team of Automation and IT specialists with wide knowledge and extensive experience. Our effective hiring strategy, internal trainings and proper motivation practices enables us to hire and retain the best-of-breed Automation and IT professionals .
Flexibility and Scalability
We offer flexible engagement schemes enabling you to decrease or increase the team size or involve specialists with different expertise when your business requirements change. This lets you optimize the team performance and the cost structure to get the maximum ROI out of the outsourcing engagement.
Confidentially and Intellectual Property Protection
At UnifyAutomation we take comprehensive measures to secure the clients’ confidential information. We have a set of policies and procedures to protect your business sensitive information and software artifacts.

Cost Savings
We offer competitive rates considerably lower than other service providers while keeping upper-level standards of quality and reliability.
Seamless Communication
UnifyAutomation realizes the vital importance of effective communication for projects. We aim to create and maintain a productive and secure communication flow.